Sunday, March 29, 2009

"hydrocracker fractionation"

second hand luck, bowl full of gold,
golden firecrackers, light the bomb,
firecracker tree, chunburi, what
your name signifies, satan’s claws,
trance reactions, nano-sized
magnets, facial, economic bleeding,
a thirteen billion cell computer,
contact cellular consciousness,
psychedelese, motherese, orange
wear, polymerase chain reaction,
time reversal, edmonchuk,
asparagrass, flickers moss, amo
amas amat amamus amatus amant,
roof moss, cluster of pink,
hydrocracker fractionation,
inked himself by accident,
residuum, next text, tele-contact,
the raster grid, mimetic rivalry,
mimetic excess, mimetic violence,
funk entelechy, the placebo
syndrome, memeplex, cluster
of memes, trance global,
worklessness, reverse causality,
informational warp, concrete
socioeconomic conditions,
identitarian versus

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