Tuesday, March 17, 2009

"a general refusal of work"

cross another day off the calendar,
toner insanity, and let the best mind
win, we are all deteriorating, faded
right down to black, don’t worry there
was no information to begin with,
fragment language, become a swamper,
eat light, coffee designs, we lost the
ham, a giant capital ell, guess which
way the colour is going to go, but
you’ve destroyed the print, we lost
both margins, design the territory, eat
history, change them, auslichtung,
look nova, swamp society, beauty is
good, becoming trance, search chaos,
fragmentary love, risking not, the
language surge, withholding
originals, bring your identity back
up to level, which reality to value,
the underlying reality, oh god not
this again, the day’s mind, toner
can’t get much worse, what remains
to be done, can’t you see you are in
freefall, refreshingly blank,
jiangxi, note red dot, unknown
primary, downpipe black, bushmeat,
niqab, abaya, jilbab, expelling
hungover conscript, icicycle, a
ban on cluster munitions,
emotional labour, the shanks,
it all went to the black, primitive
accumulation, affective networks,
the brutal punishment of
vagabondage and vagrancy,
informational accumulation,
the postcolonial proletariat, a
general refusal of work and
specifically of factory work,
the affirmation of the
sphere of non-work,

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