Wednesday, March 04, 2009


read to the letter, slugmail,
flourishing his hat, rabbit
napping on moss, trance
excess, coat and hat, sunyab,
psychobiography, find the
break, real cypress, circle
ever higher, the royal we,
a feminist interpretation
of this, eye hates nothing,
team cream, public eye,
solid rejection, what happen
to the devil, running on
hope, wax post, nal yob, make
something vast, reject this
mofo, acilis leg, get room,

it is not even straight, raw
pigmeat, collect nothing,
happy when the ball is in
your court, ex-geek, who is
listening to nothing, one
to go, it almost feels real,
this is not a copy, cat my
dogs, take a god, copies and
non-copies, imagine blank,
one five oh, mevi, leave the
blank alone, no interaction,
alt com, pain off, joo,
gone writing, buddy no
buddy, as it was altered,
as it come in, hot beds,

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