Wednesday, March 11, 2009


four trees, the whole
rack, up here we call it,
american mail league,
just don’t believe,
sailing from one to
another, cyberface,
falling to peace, what
do you want to be
seeing, vyšlapaná
cestička, the real sou,
source infinite,
stavĕti vzdušné zámky,
remove this smart
tag, arte povera,
hollowed eyed
consumers, iathpower,
the unknown realities,
lese-essence, closely
hugging experience,
court of the harem
eunuchs, the dark
network, can’t get at
all the words, no th,
even less, north of
difference, progress
if, art protection,
golden box, magig,
a period of flux,
the way you type,
now we’re talking
nothing, still reuse,

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