Saturday, March 28, 2009

"a problen"

there is no golden lining, total
labour boy produce, just about the
time we began to arrive, no is that
a face no, criminal artist, a flake
of gold, just turned eighteen, take
it easy all day, pick a random
individual, the day i sent you all
of those birds, the little crimes
of childhood, you will know it by
the file, it almost seems like info,
a problen, let the wind in, your
final day of hap, we need to get
switched over, we still have this
text in stock, include the exterior,
growing up dead, canoeing with a
broken arm, nobody day, nodoby,
we had some sort of intention
for the blank, yes now here is
some thing that got thru, a
martini glass with a circle around
it, the memory has a way of
blocking out, now your labour
will be harnessed, notasonofa,
the appellation mountains, why
would you have to resort to
the typewriter, the only place
the real work resides, true
labour brute politics, the
weakly breeder, marching into
reality, forget what was real,
never heard of these people we
met, need glue, all you did was
leave, maybe in the future-past,

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