Saturday, March 28, 2009

"the hat-brim of gargallo"

five or six copies, is it john or
joan, zettiology, yesterday’s
desires, dadbad, all the pictures
are gone so now from memory,
the best poetry book of the two
thousands, form thirty-three, a
yellow hat, errorr, plantigrade,
historical paranoia, the hat-brim
of gargallo, hope is the mind-
saver, iron kissing, the ha-ha,
ustopia, logorrhoea melomania
and iconophilia, neveranger,
white writing, tache, chthonic
reality, free gestural act,
performative mark-making,
white consciousness, tal coat,
nobody wants to see your
document, a new consiousness,
the entire conceptual horizon,
concrete production, nothing
essential, aetas, a new city,
did we make an errror, give up
hope never, the diff between a
cart and a trolley, the eye
aided by knowledge, remaining

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