Monday, March 02, 2009

"reality is not the thing itself" & "milk fire"

word making machine, the
copy sucks, the originals are
still around, what machine,
it’s all over, three four,
the red turns to black, star
star star, thirty-five, are you
getting the picture, initié
par, thirty-six, reality is
not the thing itself, did
level, thirty-seven, the
war between the yes and
the no, the complete image,
the same line, thin air
text, three eight, question
reality, roxer, three nine,

this fits in none of the
categories, debt write us,
this never became, the barb,
eye remembers the colour,
we are out of gas, match
the date up with the day,
the rich cost, let us ignore
each other, still gee,
still sun, still spamming,
brook no ell, what sort of
race, ego spoil, burried,
milk fire, net cheese,
care moss, s’more, lee lay
lie, letter attack,

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