Sunday, March 15, 2009

the joy void

plastic wire, red threads, the
intersexed, litterfall, zero-
coupon, establishment hip
capitalists, identity in doubt,
border tensions, hours career
in economics, claims to be a
housewife up in edmonton,
paper ell, retronet, blue penny,
turbo trance, almo saint,
cet article, moyen, circle
line, taille, thick pap, crunt,
as good as the real thing,
second guess worst guess,
chunk of text, go to olome,
the joy void, alien us, the
writing of no mind, heart
breakingly beautiful, node
space, the lowest minimum,
the home this will find,
hittin’ fifty, from books
to screens and back again,
where the original dies,
an expensive havana cigar,
xograph, head cold and
your eustachian, cooling
your heart’s excessive,
strewer of yet-to-be-
interpreted signs, clockwise
dimensions, eye’s blank
pupil, a copy of what we
said, enuf to hold a page,
from the book side to
the comp side, still cube,

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