Saturday, March 07, 2009

"bob dylan's garbage" & "paper fortress"

big money spent, rejected
publications, still growing,
share split up, the flow
trance, the house still stands,
make an illegal deposit, real
acid, look inside the text,
gondis, still grant, hacked
manuscript, share ways,
luomn, confusion of days,
undated untimed, collab
together, tapestry of marks,
thick memory, xewv, reaf,
museummified, still
mandala, turn it all into
one piece, zenobia, meaning
nothing, new york language,

microconfusion, ultranon, moss
hat, no peaches now, the one with
the mon, who got whited out,
bob dylan’s garbage, zero idea,
we are hear near the computer,
tip the money out of your
wallet, sensitive drunk, inter-
fax, three sents, mister blank,
a paper fortress, hand-me-down
job, disconnected life,
lect, it did but it didn’t,
biling, we can read for our
selves thank you, no such
entity, new exact place on
the planet, make sure you
tick the right box, still
unforgiven, still pumping,
please use the code, thot penny,

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