Wednesday, March 04, 2009

"intertrance formation" & "presume nothing"

process poetics, kekuli,
distributed cognition,
misinformation effect,
intertrance formation,
a porous self, bookwood,
catch the harmonics as
exactly, gobsmacked,
branding scarification,
twenty twenty cubs,
obsolete art, whad, so
thap, huge load of mail,

as it came in, a mere copy
of gold, intended to be
severed, blank cut, measure
and then slice, a mere
original, how sorted do we
need, original scrap, let
us initiate meat, maskar,
greeds!, zero response time,
except for the blank, an
explanation of the line,
till interested, wham day,
failure to respond, who’s
failing now, just keep on
singing, local ignorance,
presume nothing,

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