Thursday, March 19, 2009

"the gradual elimination of the fine arts"

one does not belong here, still more
renewal, apartment sitting empty,
still falling, what is the pin for,
a real library, generations of poets
and artists, no rebate, chronology
and exhibition history, we have one
ton of orange peel a day, marianne
moore’s hat, discollecting, copy
speech, workfare, social unformation,
home ec class, scribliture,
disprepossession, heavenly chill
eating, ouxpos, to fill or not to
fill, shine-o-vision, the particles
that make up your corpse, makes
a full confession and goes to
jail, riding the number seven,
festum fluxorum, pounds pennies
or marks, technetronic, chance to
enjoy a happy, the micro-card
edition, re-anecdotation, the
gradual elimination of the
fine arts, snare-picture, pi├Ęge
ca, supranational,
constitutionalization, the
domestic analogy, tertium
super partes, a global civil
society, the new transnational
democracy, hypothesis emphasizes
the contractual, even critique our
hallowed, cluster of collages,
war against conformity,
understanding yesterday’s

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