Monday, March 16, 2009

on' eack

nothing is burning, kiing, all
the writing was gone, the art
beyond the words, still colour,
are these marks here?, what
are we going to do with all
this blank, visual noise,
encroaching on the art,
eack individual blank,
from mint to gutter, from
big to small, let the machine
read it, concrete levels,
first copy best copy, not a
very nice original, and a
third, if all these things are
on’ the same page,
microdata, beyond the
words: nothing, still sleep,
fish colour, pinnacle head,
reality continued, throw
the newspaper at me,
otocopy, four point seven
three megs, what the paper
got used for, the white
position, how to work a text,
are you looking with your
eye, concrete downtown,
amphibolies metaleptics,
a tease bumper, the great
communicator, fuck the
real, looking at buildings,
the complete concrete
production, leaving
fingerprints all thru
the book, spidersenses
are tingling,

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