Friday, March 06, 2009

"the fruit bowl variations" & "this is being written anyway"

this day is not that day,
hockey is over, the fruit bowl
variations, war against war,
we thot it was a real tear,
blank personage, what is
with all the waste, blank
flux, what the word actual,
will be setting to work,
the one true hat, trance
genesis, a crawling, spot
me a spot, when is it going to
happen, high quality scrawl,
as received but, ink roi, like
to hear some talking, some,

study hockey, leslie’s garden
hose, abos ikay, state of mind,
return time, cast in concrete,
are you still here, gouse,
blood sleep, resurrection of
the chicken, compound
identity, a non-response,
mailart checklist, all the
potential interactions, info
war, zohar, this is being
written anyway, this is a
copy alright, big hook, tick
gift, comic poetry, noxob,
economic abuse, daily chin,
reality studies, note blue,
olome, all er nothing, a
different state of mind,

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