Monday, March 23, 2009

"here's some hats: cover that mullet"

alot more city, this is still valid,
unless you have something better,
at one at zero, alterations needed,
steve mcqueen gardens, global
pleasures, retiary biostats,
gymnosoph, ahnbahrah de shwah,
barscheit, rubbery glass,
neuromodulator, jobs galore!,
climbing out of the dark, here’s
some hats: cover that mullet,
limerance, springolator, mobcaps,
massive involvement, post hippie,
attempt at human contact, fish
mosquito destroyer, a sexual
feeler, a wave-guide or coaxial-
line circuit, anecdotomanie,
the duke of blank, metamatic,
postdominancy, assymetrical
eye-blower, fleischwolf, the
exercise of legitimate force,
peace enforcing, pacific
weapons, moral intervention,
microstrategies, the moral
police, effectiveness in the
contemporary historical
context, never snap,

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