Monday, March 30, 2009

"have digibody will travel"

paper that came in thru the mail,
leather cock, from four to six
copies, google all these phrases,
od bizrate, you will never know
who made the mark, add value
and give away, the law of recycle,
you will never see the original
again but, got it for a penny,
let us compare nothing, colour
returns, thumb condom, colour
coded time, the colour oh, can’t
bear to see the letter, trapezoid
monk, never know it for a, change
your label, which one of these
did you like, misgeuss, what thin,
cado mindbody, collaborators
eye, snail has it, it’s fantails,
your atone, show format, reginger
us, notsong, abbskin, become
slard, orange death, you was, art-
cha, have digibody will travel,
do as you wish shall be the
whole of the law, janens la pace,
you have been removed from your
place, art in contact, not urine
but paint, she likes the erection,
get rid of the original and all
the copies, a hundred degree
copy, the one and only john,
add some actual reality, anno
tate, copy til evaporation,
magically remaining legible,

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