Sunday, March 22, 2009

upstairs at the persian

one-oh-six, post meridian, which
pictures did you wish to print,
how do you get these other fonts,
id est estrangelo edess, the wreck
must go on, you are missing all
the busses, a collision of
staples, this is where you will
stay, pennymorph, internetting,
papermanent, a tennyson’s lager
bottlecap, police of mind,
bourgeois consciousness, why
are you collecting these, this
is how we keep track of time,
the pattern of time, do what you
say you are going to do, or else
phone, microminiature, in your
pocket: not one penny, vipera
svizeri, the collaboration of
rats, versographer, kellnerinnen,
deratization, c•, d├ęcollage,
object-fetishism, the sacred fool,
they let him go to the limit of
his madness, creative madmen,
jugenol, social machines, mass
intellectuality, immaterial
labor, communicative labor,
grasp concrete, workerism,
affective labor, the ross
electronics company, counter-
scrapbooking, a refusal to
throw anything away, dreamed
it was an orange,

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