Monday, March 09, 2009

"the acidhead" & "build it out of nothing"

working thru emptiness, blank
beacon, without a head, near
magic of sun, no latitude for
torture, seepage, traf, right
where we live, a hard foot,
with marie, language reversal,
obtuse literature, chila,
frult, and the winner is...,
beaj super, empty and blank too,
best van, any idea what these
marks might signify, data wood
head, zygodon tower, doui,
pin a name on nature, empty
brown, wet arc, creyke,
scapania curta, see point,
remember the swans, empty,

invent a new language, baud,
knock on another door, be
a part of the losing team,
rejected art, a place to
buy, a going place, could
not continue stopping,
still extant, the acidhead,
festival of lonely hearts,
thank you for your time,
milk snow, the new rate
is old, build it out of
nothing, blank et, hansen
oz, bloaded, alphanumb,
what happen to the to,

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