Thursday, March 26, 2009


beijing bicycles, ray pen spe fri
jok sch, spirit sports, encaustics,
mudhif, a science of consciousness,
kidult, a planful zoo in silver
foil, santaphobia, images of flies
on feces, knam, prised day concrete,
fuckin’ eh!, locus amoenus, press
alarum, dreidel, victim of rash
action – brains, kitchen-sink
surrealism, abreactions, everyone
is always about to be arrested,
enormous concrete, tampĆ³n de
gran valor, nonselfidentity,
asubjective, audioanimatronic,
flows of affect, a universal
equivalent and translator for
affect, asubjective affect,
sentio, neuromatrix, linguistic
schizo-processor, quasi-cause,
transform irreversibly, the black
holes of informational
capitalism, where the rich can
legally murder homeless people,
hawking radiation, non-stop
connecting, poly-organism,
excluded from the network
for failing to be economically
productive, offline status,
orange oozing ulcers,
galvanized and concrete,
these embers, you are losing
your days, it’s official now,
it’s throwing it up and to
the left, toner night,

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