Monday, March 02, 2009

"lost originals" (again!) & "original typing"

lost originals, a copy to fly,
do these need to go anywhere,
a home to find, information
trace, rectilinear text, still
perfect, reliable responder,
over-response, get the kids to
play, parent strike, om mo,
trouble finding trouble,
exact bounce, suss yer m.m.o.,
uncopiable impressions,
ary public, how many will
we be needing, copy sign
paper, who’s requiring,
special paper, one to type,
eye escape, from squint to,

original typing, interpret
that, wild dog, nay bore,
jumpin’ jiminy, in the sun,
goof lit, guilt correction,
playwork, nothing has been
done with this text, how
much is it worth to you,
hotter than a, hymns of the
medicine line, you know how
much it’s going to cost,
the opposite feet people,
highest essentials the
closest, ekphrastic, exergasia,
semasiological, shoddy
horseshoes, trance race,

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