Tuesday, March 24, 2009

no prims

the day we are in today, the day
we were in yesterday, atmosphere
change, the day we are writing
today, today things are arriving,
nothing will ever arrive, register
tape network, being in sumatra,
something blank for a change,
finally we have everything we
need, uch urganic, satellite crash,
quit that rockin’, grandma, supplied
with fake, sublocal, generatiocide,
control hydro electric, uncovered
meat, jury nullification,
internationable, don’t just do
something, buddha said, stand
there, ongoing self-distribution,
the antiobject era, counter-
history has evolved, unpub manu,
bandname: trenchmouth, concrete
porch, a simple request for
fornication, beige gravy, blank
snake, keep a blank notebook,
houseproud, bloodheat seaweed
fishegg, death by washing
machine, the extermination of
communists homosexuals,
interimperialist war, retotal,
counterglobalization, abstract
machine, humankind is one and
equal, local domination,
concrete reality,

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