Saturday, March 21, 2009

"sociodegradable identities"

nothaiku, you are where you are,
number one-oh-six, excluded
from the community of, better
being blank, i’m an old folk now,
satyagraha failed, ratsah,
complex historical events,
einsatzgruppen, love-lexis, ego
chaos machine, neologians,
sociodegradable identities,
hot ambrosia, resume poetry,
the file thickens, filthy spanish
cowboy hat, to unfathom, the
petrosal bone, using rhine wine
bottles as paperweights, sei
tatkräftig, exploitation service,
socle, floccinaucinihilipilificate,
power fears and despises a
vacuum, governance without
government, the terrain of crisis,
supranational analogy, the soul
of imperial right, the demands
of intervention, a right of the
police, explosive aporias, local
power dynamics, attention: work
of art, cocon, rage on son, hat hat
backwards, an exact copy of the
name, a cluster of associations,
interpreting a hat, opaque concrete,
manta ray hat, habitual clues
encouraged, polyvalent hat,
the anomalous present,

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