Friday, March 20, 2009

"an inmate at rebibbia"

plat, ogidni, rewarding the eye,
you are recognized by the machine,
free work, still things, everyone
wants a piece of the corpse, actus
reus, mens rea, leading questions,
voir dire, paldies, the calamity
channel, first we need some mail,
temporary patron, work out a
solution wither, one one one plural,
how long can you live on nothing,
how to run your own press, legal
sighs, back up the text with more
text, extrach, defencing, remo,
now all your days will be the
same, at nowhere dot, at empty
dot, blank for later, give me books
fruit, the forces of law and
disorder, lucrative aggression,
a book as big as a hurricane,
an inmate at rebibbia, however
counter-intuitive its conclusions
empire, hybrid identities, the red
thread that runs throughout
this part, a movement beyond
empire, historical cultural
and economic, a counter-empire,
biopower, suspends history,
biopolitical production,
deterritorializing apparatus
of rule, flexible hierarchies,
supranational organisms,

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