Tuesday, March 03, 2009

"never hang fire" & "no d"

sun thunder, the info original,
four one, we do have another
of these, on one no, include the
imp, sun and thunder, come
here, where is the poem off
to, not asemic to the author,
rud juice bold, make ready
for nothing, never hang fire,
check to see if it’s real,
book technology, so real it
hurts, don’t turn this blue,
eeore, struck with nothing,
signed copy, writing

still crazy, nobody is
impress, pool loop, is not
land, zamboni saxophone,
chowder computer, area
illedgible, typo affex,
the wrong money, gero,
the paint is long gone,
original long gone,
where the original went,
the pre-original,
unuomo, john who, fake
moon, icknore, lovely
rita, the writer is
long gone, spell coyote,
the original in quotes,
no other, nothing to do
with moss, ignore money,

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