Wednesday, March 25, 2009

"ambient information distress syndrome"

it’s too dark to write, but you
can still read, breakfast in
genova, touchless laser, knuckle
boom picker, pick a job or else,
heap exposed to camera, the way
you wear your hat, hyperaesthesia,
networking at the twelve-step
program, how is that going to
work, anadac, what’s your
favourite bus, works with the
passage of time, thot concrete,
soqquando, flâneurie, pale
chamois, énarques, nyms, crypto-
anarchy, cultural codes, ride
the light fantastic, freedom
from morality, work is the new
leisure, ratissage, therapeutic
psychopathy, business at the
speed of thot dot com, there is
no progress without failure,
optimized transience
disorientation, psychological
warfare, hardness and cynicism
are equally, rational choice
theory, ambient information
distress syndrome, fuge,
catatoner, fugue states,
entirely in high contrast,
lay art ebb, landauer’s
principle, it’c,

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