Sunday, March 08, 2009

"rejoin nothing"

what are you willing, cube a,
the slash between us, you can’t
buy it per se, career poet,
negative start, personal
details, identity crisis, a
book thru the wall, poetry
survivor, five thousand years,
illeague, jim jim jim, still
continue, number one hit,
still up north, out on, a
plan that panned, gasping
for water, reuse the post,
they look like words but, ≣ ,
write in the eye, gedda,
north of everywhere, we were
there for that but we didn’t
go in, daily edit, retribute,

spud, grapple paper, with silence,
still filling, blank country,
my ex-life, change and change,
medalta brick, the, guess the
contents, fade no more, gen,
it blank, sld, rejoin nothing,
still empty list, miss an
issue, a whole bag full of
mail, separate the combatants,
mixed message for artists,
paint it again, can i paint
your rainbarrel, drop the
candy, lick the page, how’s
the new job, insider poetry,
let me introduce, pay the
door, red indication, the
infinite shelf, did not eye
exist, targa taz, another eye,

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