Tuesday, March 03, 2009

"one penny opera" & "one hundred realities"

fibonaccian, fricting,
optative, royality, history
of a complex experience,
supermarket trance, hope sucks,
this is dirt, lsd font,
publish with, better bad
writing than, still thrill,
still bitter, intense trance,
still ballin’, still over,
all our illusions broke,
one penny opera, social
deformer, unprinted matter,
copycops, luna work, paper el,
nigh knee, in the memory
sieve, five five, on first meet,
still kitten, is that a real
word, wod abean,

still coming to see, new
and new again, quater, alt
reality, assemble nothing,
notvan, bright red splotch,
wq, two seven, still more
credit, respond to blank,
hat crochet, one hundred
realities, make a tear,
two eight, ball bouncing
court to court, it feels
like colour, what every
happen, two nine, to be
discontinued, the copy
does not count, uno
centavo, still being altered,
zen material, the elusive,

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