Wednesday, March 25, 2009

"reality is not dialectical"

judge a person by their card, the
authority to intervene, do you know
what job you applied for, fully
depreciated, poetry must be made
by all!, a velvet hat, skip the blank,
what is this all costing us, walk-up
reservation, every little nick and
scratch, neverlost, the smell of the
packing, now we are really falling,
the blood basket, the pre-calculation
and the postcalculation, vasanas,
evolutionary chasubles’ hoodwink,
haboob, pond covered in moss, an
artificial death, submarine races,
now we have the opportunity to,
give up hope, still cupping, when
your bank account was full, hole
mark, lucrative aggression,
gallerying, the moment of separation,
reality is not dialectical,
haunted european capitalism,
superexploitation, the moment of
the boomerang, refeudalization,
coolieism, maroons, peonage, le
temps faible, a reciprocal
counterviolence, a harmonious
concer of equal, i can’t get this
to you,

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