Monday, March 16, 2009

"concrete risers" & "hoh?"

kiin, to at, overspace, spamart,
jargon concrete, configured
as an empty hallway, concrete,
risers, penny dreadlocks,
mail worth saving, upside
the down, ignore the blood,
modem knock, fucking
butterflies, who are we,
multiple readings, north
of contention, after
we’re dead, nothing worth
reading, the limits of
art, that’s a book?!,
how do you talk?,
fashionable texts,
trance political, catachemy,
penny politics, letter
slip, computer freakout,
will fly again, e-pop,
the trance and the
translation, tired of
paying dues, faded
data, an exact location
in reality, a just part,
two crumby bits, jewel
boost, metamorphosis
hotel, hardly keep track
of the years, eye gloze
over, canadee-i-hoh,
still rippin’, inter
nal, needs repeating,
zero zero turns into
zero one, auto-graphics,
looking for jewels?,

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