Monday, March 30, 2009

"yucka fluxus"

nine of diamonds, get them to make
a mark, the cash nexus, throwaway
e-mail addresses, the confinements
of an attractive cage, your money
has nothing to do with you, any
change in marital status, ig ig
ig ig, feel the grit of reality,
neverlick, a poisson distribution,
annes clustered, buffy orange,
qwop, one-handed croquet, yucka
fluxus, yazuka jukes, identity
capitalism, capridinks, murse,
one has been plutoed, cambodian
accessory, environmental
catastrophe on the horizon,
headcase hats, zodiacal dust,
clusters of the richest, deep
in the moss, ornithography, a
pedagogical power dynamic,
seven thousand oaks, jar din,
lithocardite, sprachstimme,
jet zeit, extreme polyphony,
the cathected material
moment, longhouse individualism,
hourly worth, dekulakization,
weary forced idleness, grass
bandits, giganticizing,
paper pusher,

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