Wednesday, March 11, 2009

"rubberstamp nothing" & "keep trying you will"

get your face, one english
penny, original dump, prose
rhymes with, your money,
the golden other, on a mat,
trance sect, the hockey comp,
nothing below the line,
something below the line,
rubberstamp nothing, blank
reality, solo empire, cut
anywhere, kastro, koan, evening
the city will honor, leaves
falling from the trees, i
forbid you to write down
what i say, he cheats as he
enchants, essence of cat that
head, e-haven cool, sign out

the first day we were here,
we are back in our old rut,
at elsewhere, brown chaps, life
without computer, keep trying
you will, life with nothing,
writing for the move, really
empty, found a lost paper,
eye talk, fixing to fix,
deflected to nowhere, back
to brazil, gloriously blank,
lost blog, ignore at peril,
hurray for boobies!, lost
friends, drunk friends,
beer work, boeks, factuum,
skidding to a stop, close,

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