Sunday, March 29, 2009

"my previous employer wants me dead"

g.l.u.e. , franquine no heros,
lexiconism, anonymous handwriting,
ali’i, what was this doing in south
canaan pa, think the pink, extraflex,
extraextraflex, extraextraextraflex,
am i a business, haven’t driven since,
file as you go, crooked resume,
collate as you go, my previous
employer wants me dead, staple
as you go, leave one unstapled
for potential faxing, lay in a
supply of resumes, lunchtime
blankness, toner chaos, toner
entropy, boomtown slaves, open
drip, snow falling on the text,
joy tax, art creeping around the
corner, the future will come if
you care to stick around for it,
nor was the original really an
original, edm nub, let beauty
go, i hope this is not too risque,
colour not quite so lush, where
there’s a will iam there’s a way
i am, scratch it in at the last
minute, virtual tax, canaanada,
dee cee twelve, it’c it’c, switch
hands, open trance, experience
disease, boomtown reality,
too much uttering, soft text,
putrefied nothing, who would
want to live here, #106, 14311 McQueen Rd.
Edmonton, Alberta
T5N 3Z6 Canada

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