Tuesday, March 17, 2009

lost four whole lines due to scribal eyeskip

rampant signs, still pen and paper,
magic trademark, reading the competition,
simple imp, hydroxytryptamine,
neurotrance, the amossive silence,
slopping urls, virtual sports, the
black area, chaos approval, everybody’s
got a message, yellow and blue,
take some words, fetch some scissors,
let us see what we have said, panta
rhei, indicating nothing, stillflux,
what plan, check for fold, forming
full, writing the now, wooden
reality, moss copy, good for weaving,
a poetics of failure, excelsior-
filled knights, the now of the moss,
and scribbling, cyberhockey, play
reality, distant early warning lines,
emmig, oh reality, lihght work,
reproduced copy, a number of hats,
this is the original: can we look at
the copy?, let’s see what we said,
history’s empty pages, assassinated
by a letterbomb, the gaping literary
void, one famous void, the city
of the living dead, reading time,

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