Thursday, March 05, 2009

"the postage will kill ya" & "blue box literature"

a word must go down, final
sun, sigh press, nasal sug jest,
the one and only original copy,
my name is not, psychic work,
good tax, deese, anxifer, how
else cultivate, trance furor,
trance fluvia, image science,
hat blast, a copy too many,
quaker’s hat, concrete
imitation, synthetic
mushrooms, tribrach cretic,
the postage will kill ya,
how broke are you, day by
day, money glass, still
keeping track, still losing
track, check all the sites,
retain this copy for your,

this is a write-off, guy wire,
your postal code is, a cold sun,
an empty day, kikiyu cobol,
the canadian boreal, high on the
medicine, art my eye, the blank
reflection of the mirror, the
mantle’s trance thru, the trance
vibrator, pline some pinners,
pthd, torching glad swoop,
the old prices riot, dress hat,
bread hat, read over what you
have written, metric analysis,
blue box literature, has eye
hat oh, writing about the pen
itself, the ink smells nice,
this product is not intended
for use by anyone under,

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