Thursday, March 19, 2009

internet exploiter

a few simple things, you are
recognized whereever, just another
employee, nothing stands out
because nothing can, collecting
end and hoarding, the effect
computers have had, the common
experience of humankind, the
beauty of the script had to
mirror the beauty of the contents,
in these particular copies, the
landscape is blank, the araucaria,
a superhuman housewifery,
teenaged pages, now they have the
bomb, rubber loves, elsasser,
intentional ignorance, null coverage,
the memory hole, iron balance,
dissident publications, the
voluntarily blind, an enormous
humanitarian catastrophe, jesus
in the badlands, theophylaktos
blank, orange lodge poetry,
sparkly handcuffs, patrimonial
property, the said priddle, hiex
press, self-rep, get some advise,
holed up at your mother’s,
alonement, rectify yourself,
forcibly evicted from your
own life, seed toner, you
don’t know who you’re reading

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