Tuesday, March 31, 2009

"face societies"

some things change some things stay the
same, alnoor, health and wellness
and illness, from here to there to
here again, dealing with drunks
all day, dig out the pigs, you know
what it says even though you can’t
read it, first get a little
experience, you can never leave the
network, you chose not to love,
mud babies, face societies, hat is
fixed, to describe a thing
without mentioning it, non-song,
close read, lizati plurm, happy
harbour, vacated the sentence,
what you look like depends on,
apokaru, grig, cheese-ming,
ironbound hat, throws him a
penny, a stationary flit of
nothingness, cigar-smoking
capitalists in top hats, female
shock workers, chouannerie,
crudely concrete,

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