Sunday, March 15, 2009

"where the big waves are, ch'i"

black hole movie, banana sleep,
ack crow bat, the fire outside
the window, not an individual,
vodka shots chased with
orange pop, hamen, curiously
marked, only got one mark
to make, eaglestone, thanks
for contributing to the fire,
concept is handled with
extreme, rhinopussy, purgezine,
the contents of the window,
shipwreck in progress, eye am
you, sivle, nist, no bcem, x-ray
laser, tanabata, act of reason,
hash marks, casual dating,
bainval, taking things
further, any minutia now,
where the big waves are, ch’i,
identichip, and strip away,
paper dolls, synchropathic,
unprocessable information,
dayglo form, ponzi, oh the
things you will see, a suit
able substrate, distorted face,
net flickering, how were these
stains made,

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