Wednesday, March 18, 2009

"pluriversal ataraxy"

luck expires, the rip signifies
the time, the new bend, thunk a
chunk down, is that a gun or a
car, a weather channeller, the
war of realities, pluriversal
ataraxy, come to hate legal
size paper, this is where i am,
blank for this afternoon, legal
instruments of coercion,
maintains the social peace,
just war, ethico-political,
born in sixty, gentlemen who
invent wreckage, histories the
consequence of the ebb, to trap
reality in a snare, his obsessive
war against the watch, motor
aphasia, sensory aphasia, a
junkie party, orange-and-black
pages, luchterhands, crumbscoop,
the deathwatchbeetleless life,
eggcyclopædia, cultivated
happily ever, perpetual peace,
bellum justum, just war
theory, jus ad bellum, the
banalization of war, routine
police repression, counter-love,
the threecornered hat, raw
reality, an unsignified reality,
the tricorne hat, imageless
reality, an undesignated
reality, combining images into
a cluster or constellation,
unconceptualized realities,
kissing the leper,

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