Wednesday, March 18, 2009

"nothing seems to register quite well"

tyme, looking closer will not help
you, as if you had no ego, nothing
is impossible to buy, father alone,
wine-rage, allusive referential
trance tech, philograms, the www
is the new short wave radio, saint
blur, concrete metaphor, towering
orange, don’t forget dumpster
needs to be capitalized, ummah,
probability cluster, the only hat
hair, meny becausation, emitting
cat-calls as heretofore, typophoto,
ensure healthy conformity, an
essay in critical history, psychic
automatism, industries and
clusters, autonomy of the
political, complex humanitarian
emergencies, ochlocracy, comitia,
killing days, refusing to
interact with any, a random day
of your life, schizophredia,
what does this day mean, nova
police, ubertime, nothing seems
to register quite well, why
would you want to make it
so ugly, toner painting,

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