Thursday, March 12, 2009

"felark" & "claim nothing"

in the biz, all of a day, harg,
afflatus, still making, seav,
gone be fore, still racing, wirk,
psychic flames, medicine
glory, the full side, infinite
collaboration, the paper chain,
erase and pass, cycler, case arc,
felark, how’s your hand, zero
sense, real pro, sheep look down,
where’d ya get the stamp,
mana, hewest, those clos, arc
hundred, tirst, the title is,
graffiti on paper, excellent
paper, guillottery,

society of one, caking, still
computing, jigseen, claim
nothing, confirmation of space,
book-farmer, venus on the sun,
the black drop effect, mind
travel, detournity, nothing
is relative, fricaseed chicken,
blank hollerith cards, chant
concrete, concrete industrial
structure, death values, the
wine bowl empty, sleep apnea,

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