Tuesday, March 10, 2009


max concept min, the old store,
according to the error, lutaop,
access our web, a customer for
seventeen years, the eye in, the
original right, invisible events,
throw the eye, determine zero,
resided in a book, not meaning
to call attention, remove a
link, free space grams, zen
again, empty envelopes, nates
satan, write your name,
glissee, is there any other
kind of money, xer, this is
a work of art, a different
self, julii, concrete paid,

rubway, show out comp, crapper,
what are you going to call
this money, let it stink,
tapies, hour log, acid trails,
negative seventy three cents,
mediumistic artist, abcd tm,
synesthetic ekphrasis, choko
vines, chockos, mystical
trance cryption, cervical
lymph nodes, the seventh son
of a seventh son, just an
address like any other, the
names that sell, a letter
written forty years,

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