Friday, March 27, 2009

"lib-labism, the nonworking class"

ece, gold-based nanoparticle
synthese, watch the bottom rise
up to meet you, going under one,
cheese junky, back when a stamp
was only fifty cents, lib-labism
the nonworking class, kitsch beer,
mixing sugar and salt, vicrose,
copying gallo romaine pottery,
egg shells and oranges, cheap
white labour, moss a louis, the
zero of ecstasy, expandable batons,
isolate flecks, ideological pink,
to ease his head of calculations,
naillie, virtuosity of hammering,
heaps of concrete, a thaw-drop,
i’ll take your hat, john eight three
to eleven, refried soul, today’s
orange, pareto efficiency, if i
cannot get rid of it i will explode,
dissipative structures, archaic
economics, prestations, extrabeing,
crisis theory, a crisis engine,
the mental virus of faith, rota,
lulaba, consciousness industry,
was formerly on line at, la
civilisation humaine exposée,
what’s missing from this

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