Tuesday, March 24, 2009

"alien reaction paranoia"

digital strawberries, cupping
suggestions, a head reshaping
helmet, file flow, joy comes to
visit, any ole hole in the wall,
overtime insanity, it’s getting
close to your, ledging the
illegible, persons left to,
concrete alternatives, celebrate
its happy ending, post festum,
dead labor versus living labor,
reproductive labor, capitalist
economy and its hegemonic, post
urban, the production and
reproduction of affects, well
grubbed old mole!, maniacal
focus, antisystemic movements,
accumulated dead labor,
a spectacular machine, there it
was: gone!, a fake exclamation
mark, voodoo shadow, an audience
the size of one, a can of sand,
a purposeful stroller, phantom
socialization, dérives, sunbreak
mix’n’match, coffee enemas,
cataloguing the world, the
return of hats, alien reaction
paranoia, nothing sexual,

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