Thursday, March 26, 2009

"a sliced-apart microsecond"

dee sea nine, what do we intend
to do about this text, quit writing
with your writing hand, dee sea
ten, make chaos not order, you
think you can still read it but,
shaved pepper, fresh tracks said
the junky, nothing so beautiful
it can’t be smashed to pieces,
the crown persecutor, bode eel,
there is suffering but no
sufferer, islamophobia, edit your
memory, the perfect hand, royal
canadian jihad, hats posters,
never tasted sugar, underdog
bites overdog, nanoreplica, a
sliced-apart microsecond, bandwidth
rapture, necessitated to error,
nanofaxing, dear johnny realtime,
noosphere, nanobot swarms,
nanoend, a gynoid, cunt zero,
nanoengineered, a singularity,
deterministic chaos, get with
the program, a human-equivalent
machine, counterhistory, twelve
december twenty-twelve,

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