Monday, March 23, 2009

written on a sofa: to be read on a sofa

make no more boring art, it’s just a
pepper, your letter gone at, graphik,
saint rathmore, saint rip-t, it’s
currency, bran cellulose, new mutton
art, reaching down to pick up,
posts ontology, nominalized, trance
for data, how do you identify
yourself now, suggest you cup
her breast, lost the spoon, get
teg, k-sevens, vats bursting with
new wine, sofa lit, percent roi,
try the free, only vivible in a
particular light, looks more
official with the cancellation,
welcome brute, what can be said
about blank, this did not exist
yesterday, you could have had
all tb, while your brain is
storming, there is no actual
barcode, this paper was made in
indonesia, blank extra blank,
five cents a sheet, still one oh
six, the mandrake root, spiraling
potato masher, atavisticcollecting,
a secret libidinal charge, hats
condoms boots combs, pentimenti,
the unform, concrete use of
color, dispositif, vide pour le
futur, cosmopolitical liberation,
the postmodern revolution,
disintegrating concrete, it’s
too much effort for them to
go home, a gap in the concrete,
benjamina tree, handwritten

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