Saturday, March 14, 2009

eye can't seem to recognize these characters

the releve method, plot
location, any writing’s
good writing, your e-zen,
pure phrase, now we are
reading this, the stock
home sin drome, is this
enough to cover your needs?,
oh sure yer reading but,
write a whole book about
this, the book in pieces,
racontourage, sugar
shaker and salt bowl,
story-germ, how is this
working?, silicon
letters, wordse, kopen,
take another shot at
the text, rewol,
whole another, send
error, textual drift,
phat llip, removation,
coffee buzzard,
missin imp, god is
not in the machine,
mark trance, teck,
paip, frreee, re
call, continued
thinking, co-lab,
targether, tear,
jimmy dread,
trance oulipo,

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