Friday, March 20, 2009

"mountain made of tidbits"

forget mail, where are you
supposed to be, sparkly non-info,
guestauth, mastbaum, lucky
saint rike, taylor orange black,
weedind, knockwursts, all our
snails have gone away, weeding
identified, someone else is
representing you, notably
orange, art of parts, mountain
made of tidbits, the master of
collage on a portable scale,
trance muscle, the guube,
harm as in surgery, oets, what do
we need today, jobs jobs jobs,
generational warfare, buy nothing
get nothing, zen penny, leaning
towards disaster, nemo me impune
lacessit, you missed all the buses,
the grubbiest book in the library,
time patterns, dressage, rodhoid,
multiplied art objects, soundproof
toilet paper, egest, a bagatelle
adios, he carries small works of
art in his cap, an underberg
bitters cap, a wheelbarrow gallery,
naked life, nothing escapes money,
accumulate accumulate !,
ideologies of attention, global
civil society, autopoietic chaos,
the production of crises,
mechanisms of inclusion and
exclusion, the informational
colonization of being,

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