Friday, March 13, 2009

ou mallon

word underfoot, no cars,
linquisitive, even highly
civilized, deisidaimonia,
homo homini lupus,
loxodromically, nothing
against writing, all the
particles, cst, ideolanguage,
culture of critical
discourse, el equals,
deoppositionalizing, all
the paper has to say, a shake
yer, ou mallon, no more
this than that, economical
and humorous comment,
read the list, no need to
read the book, coin-op
photocop, easy to remember:
hard to forget, three
hundred thousand titles,
tal, no, open access, if you
find a tear in a book,
baby reading, supereyes,
memberable, digitize,
standing space, friend
money, policy police,
large screen monitors,

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