Thursday, March 05, 2009

"psychic labour" & "psychic labour"

not exactly an original, you
can feel the work, silent
literature, psychic labour,
not really insane, kind of
sticky, shoptalk or talkshop,
is this the end, already
madeready, make a nice lil
chappie, and writing and
writing and writing, toner
indicator, easy with this,
spelling reality, waiting
for the green light, typing
no e-, a blue place, a card
place, interpret blank,

still insane, actual birth,
psychic labour, the next go
round, still leaping, still
blue, tea rain, ess heat,
blue sheet, triple labour,
ego catalogue, eye am,
nethermind, not a cypress
for a thousand miles,
arbour lab, are star, double
day, set yourself free,
the writing is better, mons
trance, dadabilly, why do
we do it, forget the ex,
hunt two hares, a single
wrong integer, jiohn,
hidden files, five point,

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