Monday, December 29, 2008

401 (the island of candara)

capucine, failed on all four heads,
nothing is better than you, dukka,
underare, hoss’s hat, trance lightning,
colourbled, a geometry of dust,
fanes, coronagraph, panna, tanha,
submillimeter light, bolometer,
thankaka, motioning with his hat,
potboy, skittles, hat on the piano,
paid at a penny a printed line,
slangular, a rummy start, hideous
expedients were common, mousewarts,
cellblock aitch, the bedrooms of
the nation, seppuku, hara o warra
hanasu, the crushing of jewels,
sacred murder, ecodefense, babay,
literary pugilism, usamerican,
universist, universistism, flesh-
and-bone reality, geopoetics, a
marriage of acids, dipperfuls
of water from the murky, fig,
the foregoing copy, paper ledge,
photocopying is an aid to memory,
desireau thanatics, desireau
leaf, desireau eff, begin plot,
carnivorous lightning, location
in the copy pile, now make a
few hundred copies of this,
but now there is more than five,
we like the way this is put
together, a free standing
piece of paper, now you have
time to read this, breathe,

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