Wednesday, December 03, 2008

cosmic without miss

the god of chaos comes for a visit,
bau, the mailbox has been removed,
a drill to the eye, let the hand
forget, rip care, the soul of a louse,
we were a part, the hermit on fire,
that’s no trunk, concreta, the collage
years, the poison flowing out of
your brain, get creative with the
recycle cage, can’t quite make out
what this represents, nie, global
shattering, raw poece, falling
event, topy or tofy, you choose:
money or poetry, did i say that,
the time and place changes,
nothing too small or too large
that it can’t be replicated,
three thousand pennies, the meat
goes on, how to turn shit into
gold, txakolina, please call me
by my real name, this hour you
are working for, bring void, what
the hell is that thing, when you
see the word pantry, lge ban cuc,
mad with joy, who will punish the
punishers, can i get an amen,
spend report, quesdil, extra
deductions, uva, the paternity-
property hypothesis, saint eer,
gbbc, g hrth, hot cap, not at my
desk writing, never sure from
one day to the next, schedule
jockey, the good life is relative,
the single word milk on an
otherwise blank sheet of paper,
dolc, not only missed the event,

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